Metal Roof

Metal Roofing

A new metal roofing system puts you in a long-term relationship with your home, adding beauty and protection with materials that are 100% recyclable. Many southern Ontario homeowners invest in their properties with metal roof systems, and for good reason: there’s no better material to unlock colours and tones that help your home stand out in the long term.

Metal roofs are a long-lasting, environmentally friendly roofing solution that, when combined with eavestroughs, soffit and cladding, make a property stand out, increase its value, and save owners the cost of regular maintenance. The simple one-time investment reduces the hassle of homeownership for at least 50 years, and offer a return on investment of up to 90%, depending on material and technique.

At WOODSHIELD, when our clients ask us about metal roof installation, we’ve got them covered! With metal roofing types like corrugated metal sheets, tin roof, and metal shingle roofing there’s a reason our customer base across Southern Ontario keeps growing, and that’s our professionalism, knowledge, and trustworthiness.

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Steel roofing is loved by homeowners due to its weather resistance and longevity. Recyclable, eco-friendly, and often producing a 90% return on investment, this material provides protection for up to 70 years and tends to reduce homeowner insurance premiums to boot.

Metal slate roofs provide the benefits of metal roofing with the beauty of slate. Lighter in weight than 100% stone, a metal slate roof gives your property the look and feel of a natural stone roof without the high cost, has a low installation cost, and is highly weather-resistant.

Standing seam metal roofs are popular due to their ease of installation and their longevity. Made from vertical panels connected through seams that interlock, the wide variety of material options and colours means they are an excellent choice for high levels of personalization.

Corrugated steel panel roofs are affordable, eco-friendly, and efficient even in the harshest weather conditions. With an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, steel panels are the least expensive material of metal roofing, and they can also be installed over top of other, non-metal roofing materials.

More styles and materials exist for metal roofing, including aluminum, zinc and tin, but no matter which choice seems best for your Ontario home, you can trust that WOODSHIELD has got you covered! To discuss materials and other metal roofing options with a trained specialist, contact us today.