Cedar Shingles

cedar shingles

Cedar roofing, or wooden shingles made from split logs, but without tapering add a raw texture to your property, and every house with cedar roofing looks unique. At WOODSHIELD, we know the value and trust that homeowners place on their roofs, but we also know that the roof itself adds value to your property. A cedar shake roof may well be the perfect solution for your next re-roofing project to add additional value to your home.

Cedar roof shakes give your property a unique aesthetic appeal. Since each split piece is unique, the slight inconsistencies in your roof make it stand out more and more as it ages, while the insulation of wood saves your property money in heating and cooling. Hardwoods can easily resist snowstorms, strong winds, hail, heavy rain, and other severe weather, with a lifespan of 15-30 years.

At WOODSHIELD, we know the right way to source and install wood shake roofing for Canadian weather, so we’ve got you covered. Our experience and high level of workmanship mean that your cedar shake roof will last its full lifespan at a relatively low cost, while enhancing your property with a whimsical, rural look.

cedar shakes

Our cedar shake roofing is available as either shake or cedar shingles. The difference is that while cedar shake is split directly down the grain of the log, cedar shingles are sawn on both sides. This shingles are thus a better choice for homeowners looking for a more consistent wooden aesthetic.

In addition, synthetic cedar is an option that many homeowners consider. Genuine and synthetic wood shake both provide similar benefits, including ease of painting, protection, and insulation, and some synthetic products are made of 100% recyclable materials, giving you various excellent options to upgrade the look of your home without worrying about the impact of your carbon footprint.

Looking to upgrade your asphalt roofing with the beauty of wooden shake? Contact us today to learn more about our roofing options!