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Our Story


Since forming WOODSHIELD, our philosophy has been “to build our business one customer at a time.”  This reason is simple we’re roofers, and we love being roofing contractors. Roof Replacement Projects serve as the “Gateway” to establishing a long-term relationship with our clients. Our clients develop a high level of confidence in our roofing abilities through the successful completion of replacing our client’s roofing system. Invariably, this high level of trust leads to securing additional projects with our clients.


Roofing Contractors

With years of experience as roofing contractors, the team at WOODSHIELD developed a new approach to bringing products and services to the Canadian homeowner.

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Our Vision

Here at WOODSHIELD, our vision is to develop every interaction with our clients into a long term relationship. Installing a new Roof, allows our clients the opportunity to witness the professionalism and high quality installation our company has become well known for. Our focus on cultivating each and every relationship with our clients has paid huge dividends by way of repeat business. So much so, we have not found it necessary to invest in expensive advertising and marketing programs since our inception. These are costs which are invariably passed on to the consumer which we have successfully avoided. The age old statement, Word of mouth is the best form of advertising has proved very accurate in the history of our company, whereby the Lion’s share of our business comes almost exclusively from past customer referrals. 

Our company slogan “You’re Covered” summarizes our offerings; whether it is a new roof you are looking for, repair or reroofing, here at WOODSHIELD, You’re Covered! 

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