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Since the company’s formation, our philosophy here at WOODSHIELD has been “to build our business one customer at a time.” This reason is simple; Roof Replacement Projects serve as the “Gateway” to establishing a long term relationship with our clients. A high level of confidence in our company’s abilities is developed through the successful completion of replacing our client’s roofing systems.


Types of Roofing


It is important for us here at WOODSHIELD to be able to offer our customers  the widest possible selection of industry brand name products available complete with a high quality installation.

Metal Roof

At WOODSHIELD, we offer a complete list of roofing products and services.  While the main focus of our roofing business is shingles, we do a considerable number of metal roofs every year.

Cedar Roofing

At WOODSHIELD, we know the value and trust that homeowners place on their roofs, but we also know that the roof itself adds value to your property. A cedar roof may well be the perfect solution for your next re-roofing project to add additional value to your home.

Flat Roof

At WOODSHIELD, we offer installation and repair for commercial customers. Our services include modified bitumen, coatings and membranes, built-up roofing, hybrid built-up roofing, TPO and EPDM roofs.

Roof Repair

While many companies shy away from small repair jobs, it has been our experience that whenever we have made ourselves available to complete a roof repair, invariably that leads to us being called when it is time to replace the entire roof.

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